I draw from a range of established therapeutic schools of thought, with a particular emphasis upon humanistic and psychodynamic practice.  I believe that creating a trusting and engaged therapeutic relationship is essential for effective therapy. Therapy focuses upon exploring internal conflicts, processing unresolved emotions and life events, considering ways of coping that may be counterproductive - and developing capacities, resilience and abilities.


I obtained a masters degree in clinical psychology from the University of Johannesburg. My professional experience includes facilitating individual, couples and group psychotherapy and running parenting workshops.  ​


In addition to working as a psychologist, I have seven years corporate experience in the capacity of soft-skills facilitator and trainer, focusing upon the development of coaching competencies and emotional intelligence within the workplace.

I am registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and the Health and Care Professions Council of the United Kingdom.


​The consulting room is private and situated in a residential area.