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Individual, couples, and family psychotherapy

I offer psychotherapy for a variety of issues

ranging from day-to-day stresses

to more troubling emotional difficulties.


Considering each client's specific needs,

therapy focuses on exploring internal struggles,

processing unresolved emotions and life events, identifying ways of coping that may be counterproductive, and building on capacities, resilience and resources. 

Selecting a therapist can be time consuming

and perhaps the prospect of starting therapy

is daunting.  The information below outlines the

type of therapy I offer.


Nursery Ravine, Table Mountain


Dianne McCormick


Creating a trusting and engaged therapeutic relationship is essential for effective therapy. I have benefitted tremendously from my own experience of personal growth and psychotherapy, and similarly aim to create a warm, safe and thought-provoking space for my clients. Integrating a variety of schools of thought, I am drawn to approaches that are grounded in the pursuit of emotional and relational insight and wellbeing.  I use a range of established therapeutic modalities, with a particular emphasis upon humanistic and psychodynamic practice. 


My professional experience includes facilitating individual, couples and group psychotherapy and running parenting workshops.  ​

​In addition to working as a psychologist, I have seven years corporate experience in the capacity of soft-skills facilitator and trainer, focusing upon the development of coaching competencies and emotional intelligence within the workplace.

I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council in the United Kingdom and the Health Professions Council of South Africa.


Psychotherapy can assist with a variety of issues such as life changes, low mood, relationship problems and difficulties with controlling anger. 


My areas of special interest are:

  • ​relationship difficulties​

  • anxiety and depression

  • ​parenting

  • workplace interpersonal interaction


Motivation for seeking couples therapy varies.  You may want to overcome obstacles in your relationship or you may have reached a crisis point with your partner. Couples therapy can help you to overcome difficulties and deepen intimacy. For more information on what to expect from couples' therapy, please scroll down to my article/ blog post below.


Online therapy offers convenience and flexibility, and is appropriate for individuals and couples restricted by time schedules.

I have a particular interest in international online practice and have a general certificate in online psychotherapy through The Academy for Online Counselling and Psychotherapy (UK).



“Dianne helped my husband and I bridge seemingly impossible gaps in our understanding of each other and ability to communicate despite considerable differences.

Dianne took us from a place where we encountered apparently unresolvable emotional blockages on a daily basis, from a place of frustration and chronic misunderstanding to a place where we were able to appreciate each other's feelings, show love to one another increasingly unreservedly, and prevent ourselves becoming emotionally hijacked.

She was completely and skilfully professional at all times, without ever faltering in compassion or humanity. She has given us the tools we needed to succeed in our marriage and we are hugely grateful for her help. I would recommend Dianne to any couple looking to improve and heal their relationship for the long term - this is one investment absolutely worth making.”


                                                                                                Anonymous, UK

Articles about Psychology
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