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Individual, couples, and family psychotherapy

As a clinical psychologist in my 12th year of

private practice, I specialise in providing psychotherapy for a wide range of concerns.


Whether it's everyday challenges

with mood, anxiety, and relationships,

or more profound emotional and psychological issues,

I'm dedicated to creating a space

that encourages exploration and growth.


My aim is to create a flexible and thought-provoking space for my clients, designed to meet the unique needs of each individual. 

Selecting a therapist can be time consuming

and perhaps the prospect of starting therapy

is daunting.  The information below outlines the

type of therapy I offer.


Nursery Ravine, Table Mountain


Dianne McCormick


Creating a trusting and engaged therapeutic relationship is essential for effective therapy. I have benefitted tremendously from my own experience of personal growth and psychotherapy, and similarly aim to create a warm, safe and thought-provoking space for my clients.


My practice is an integration of various therapeutic approaches, drawing from person-centred principles, psychodynamic conceptualisation, cognitive-behavioural therapy techniques, and tailored strategies for each client. I'm particularly passionate about addressing relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, autism spectrum and neurodiversity matters, struggles with anger, and providing couple therapy.


I enjoy the opportunity to work with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religious affiliations, and my practice is neurodiversity-affirming

​In addition to working as a psychologist, I have seven years corporate experience in the capacity of soft-skills facilitator and trainer, focusing upon the development of coaching competencies and emotional intelligence within the workplace.

I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council in the United Kingdom and the Health Professions Council of South Africa.


Psychotherapy can assist with a variety of issues such as life changes, low mood, relationship problems and difficulties with controlling anger. 


My areas of special interest are:

  • ​relationship difficulties​

  • anxiety and depression

  • autism spectrum, neurodiversity​

  • workplace interpersonal interaction


Motivation for seeking couples therapy varies.  You may want to overcome obstacles in your relationship or you may have reached a crisis point with your partner. Couples therapy can help you to overcome difficulties and deepen intimacy. For more information on what to expect from couples' therapy, please scroll down to my article/ blog post below.


Online therapy offers convenience and flexibility, and is appropriate for individuals and couples restricted by time schedules and those who prefer engaging online.

I have a particular interest in international online practice and have a general certificate in online psychotherapy through The Academy for Online Counselling and Psychotherapy (UK).

Articles about Psychology
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