HPCSA No: PS 0116572  |  Practice No: 0482137​​


Dianne McCormick | Clinical Psychologist

P.R. No. 0482137



You may have been directed to this website because there are things that you would like to explore or work through.  Selecting a therapist can be time consuming and perhaps the prospect of starting therapy is somewhat daunting.  I hope that the information provided will give some indication of the types of therapy and counselling I offer.  If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact me directly, either by text or email. 

I am a registered clinical psychologist consulting from Trovato Estate, Wynberg.  I work with adults, assisting with a variety of issues ranging from day-to-day stresses to more troubling emotional difficulties. I also have a particular interest in couples therapy and online psychotherapy.

Integrating a variety of schools of thought, I am drawn to therapeutic approaches that are grounded in the pursuit of emotional and relational insight and wellbeing.  I have benefitted tremendously from my own experience of personal growth and psychotherapy and similarly aim to create a warm, safe and thought-provoking space for my clients. Where appropriate, I share thoughts, perceptions and feelings that may shed new light and direction on areas of exploration.


Considering each client's specific needs, therapy focuses upon exploring internal struggles, processing unresolved emotions and life events, identifying ways of coping that may be counterproductive and building on capacities, resilience and resources.  I offer:​​